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The most organized and flexible system makes your work both fast & easy

Arranging the warehouse can be a time-efficient and money-saving process, if you are free to organize the inventory the way you want. This is how Cizaro created the Inventory Management Software: a solution scalable and changeable to follow your own needs as a business owner, business manager and a team player,
The perfect solution to any Small and Medium Enterprise Retail or Wholesale.
Include physical store POS and integration to virtual store E-Commerce to WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, NopCommerce, Amazon, and eBay.

Dashboards and reports Easy to Customize

Cizaro boosts your business intelligence so you can increase your sales. Watch our diverse selection of reports and dashboards to see what’s going on – anywhere you are in the world.

Mobile viewing

Follow the changing information of your company on any device in every corner of the globe.

Log Book

Track down every single product and discover who, when and where moved it. View the operations history to know about all changes made in the system.

Check these tools designed to run a smarter inventory

Measurement units Easy to CustomizeEasy to Customize

You decide which units you need to use to measure your products. If you use different measures in different countries, the system will automatically do the conversion following your instructions.

Barcode generator & Label printing

Every generated barcode details the products characterisitics (color, size, etc.) for quick identification and perfect organization. You can connect your label printer to make work fast and easy.

Production Process Wizard Easy to CustomizeEasy to Customize

Combine selected ingredients in your stock into one product setting up different components and their quantities to create new merchandise with its own price.

Inventory level and Kardex Easy to CustomizeEasy to Customize

If you have ever asked your workers to make reports about the status of products in your inventory – leave it to CIZARO, The software is made to systematically substract the products sold from the ones available in your stock, Have a log of movements within your inventory.

Purchase order and RGV

Make orders through the system contacting your suppliers. This way your inventory software manages all the processes ocurring in your business, Manage your receiption (RGV), Shipping and dispatching within one system.

Warehouse Management System (WMS) Easy to CustomizeEasy to Customize

WMS strictly monitors your entire warehouse so you keep an eye on every single product. Feel comfortable to view the item movement on the screen of your computer or mobile device for savings in time and effort.

Supply Chain Management Easy to CustomizeEasy to Customize

Know the route of your products – from the order, through delivery and warehousing, until they are sold.
All items are classified by serial number, name, producer, receiving date and more.

Receiving Good Voucher

your supply organized by creating Receiving Good vouchers to keep track of the products, responsible person, date and location of the delivery requested to your business.

Supplier catalog

By creating a list of your suppliers, you can always look up the past and potential supplying companies adding products and prices in their offer together with contact info.

Serial number Easy to CustomizeEasy to Customize

Use Cizaro to generate unique serial numbers – smart to recognize the type of product with different attributes such as color, size and others. Discover how much more efficient and transparent your inventory can get.

Multi-variable matrix Easy to CustomizeEasy to Customize

Describe your goods with the most precise details to be aware exactly which type of products you have and which ones you need to restock.
Add your own fields for every product feature to customize the inventory system according to your business.

Shortage alerts

Don’t worry about constantly checking your warehouse to find out which item is running out. The system will let you know about every decreasing product to avoid shortages by the determination of the minimum inventory level.

Consult our helpful assistants who will happily explain how the system is ready to:

  • answer your issues
  • create a more efficient work environment
  • make your business more profitable
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