Be a part of the powerful management technology equipped with the latest and most advanced features. Bring it to your country, state or city and leverage allour assets to upgrade your offer.

Finally, this highly competitive product will let you successfully pursue new clients searching for innovation.


Make World’s Leading Technology Your Partner

Cizaro presents the cutting-edge ERP & POS solutions that combine full flexibility with a stable and robust system. It adjusts to the needs of business managers providing them with absolute control over every aspect of their day-to-day work. Our software is smart, easy to use and more importantly it boosts profits through savings in time and money.

Thanks to higher business intelligence and integrated customization, business managers can enjoy an improved organization of their companies and tailor the product to their specific business processes. This is how Cizaro’s premium solution enables you to grow the range of clients – from small retail stores, through numerous wholesale markets to big chains of coffee shops, etc.

Benefit from Cizaro’s Innovatio

Contact us to team up with our Sales Department and offer the ERP & POS of tomorrow. Join the Authorized Reseller Program to learn the entire system and get insight on how to spur your revenues within a vertical market. We aim to create a long-lasting professional bond with our distributors and provide direct assistance for you and the customers you bring in.

Income streams
Monthly income in residuals and subscriptions
Premium gains for exclusive (new features and languages, etc)
Bonuses for installation and customization requests

What we offer:

Special plans for obtaining license
Comprehensive training on the software
Continuous webinars for updates
Access to marketing materials
Aid and consultation for sales strategies
Direct contact to support team

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