Retail POS System


Robust, flexible, and scalable. Cizaro is the only POS system your store needs to win at retail. Select your type of business:

Fashion Store POS

Clothing chains, boutiques, swimwear, footwear, accessories, lingerie, and more.

Mall Cart & Kiosk POS

Manage multiple mall kiosks and carts.

Minimarket & Grocery Store POS

Convenience stores, supermarkets, and grocery stores.

Electronics Store POS

Computer and electronics shops, cellphone and wireless accessories stores, home appliances, and more.

Specialized Market POS

Organic food, pet shops, dry cleaning service, orthopedics, construction materials, and more.

Distribution & Wholesale POS

Wholesale stores, distributors, warehouses and more.

Health Store & Beauty Salon POS

Pharmacies, beauty products and salons, cosmetics, perfumes, natural medicine, nutrishops, and more.

All Other Retail Stores POS

Toys, sporting goods, jewelry, liquor, furniture, gift shops, bookstores, and more.