POS for Health stores and pharmacies

Give your shops a technology boost to keep you strong and successful.


Orders, Get organized with Cizaro pharmacies POS System

Proper organization of storage is our focus to enable a well-managed business. Within the first hours of using Cizaro pharmacy Point of Sale, you will easily learn how to keep track of every supplier, product and every transaction. Go ahead and start the change.

Expansive Matrix for Inventory

to create a detailed database of all products.

Individual Measurement Units

that can be converted separately between purchase, inventory and sales.

Detailed Product Info

that includes its movement history, lot number, and any field you would like to add.

Customer Relationship Management

is an exceptionally effective module in increasing your sales.

Cizaro Health Point Of Sale Offers Modernity

This system is a unique management solution with cutting-edge technology. Multiple operational areas of your health business perform simultaneously and rapidly transfer all data.
Check how stable and coherent your work will become switching to our most advanced POS software.

Smart POS and ERP Supply Solutions

Forget all the paperwork and send your orders through our POS system. Select suppliers from your own personalized catalog.
Warehouse Management System (WMS) was developed to help you swiftly organize all your products inside the drawers and the stock – from small medicines and cosmetics to larger food packages and beauty equipment.

Supplier Catalog

Purchase Order

Warehouse Management System

Receiving Good Voucher

Pharmacy POS That Works Online & Offline Performance

Be free to decide how Cizaro Point of sale for pharmacy and health should keep your data. You can smoothly switch between the Cloud and local database or combine the two.

Thanks to our innovative approach, you are able to monitor your company on diversified device from anywhere in the world.

Cloud or Local Server

All-branch Supervision

Multi-device Viewing


Increase your turnover by watching the expenses and revenue. Browse the history of all activities via our Point of Sale software to always remain up to date. Our system facilitates the generation of invoices and simplifies the work of your accountants through special taxing features.

Dashboards & Reports

Cizaro Health Store & Pharmacy POS Special features:

Client Order History

enhances your customer relationship by allowing you to learn their preferences. showing their previous purchases.

Quick Search

of products makes the work easier and better organized.

Loyalty Programs

help you create a bond with clients.


identify all your health product or Pharmaceutical drug info that you insert into the POS system.
Organic food
Nutrishops & dietary supplements
Natural medicines
Beauty products