Minimarket & Supermarket Point of Sale and ERP

Higher sales and an organized workforce are just a click away for grocery Point of sale include ERP


Supervision made easier with Cizaro supermarket POS software

Gain full control over your stores. Decide what roles and duties each worker have in the system. Access CIZARO point of sale for supermarkets anywhere in the world to see all your finances, assets and resources reported all at once, including CIZARO backend ERP for a complete solution to your business, with easy customization tools.

Simple interface

so cashiers make easy and fast transactions.

Diversified Units of Measure

to convert between sales, purchase and inventory of your markets.

Label printer

to integrate all processes in one POS software.

Inventory counting

for increased convenience of the barcode reader.

supermarket / minimarket software intelligence

We work to increase your opportunities. Choose the right products, prices and locations - our cutting-edge Point of Sale for minimarket/supermarket which new technology empowers you to find the best strategy for your business.

Warehouse management simplified with Cizaro grocery POS system

Know exactly what was placed in the storage and where it is located. Check information about who did what and when to get the complete set of data about your products.

Even set your supplier measure, inventory measure and sale measure as required.

Warehouse Management System

Supply Chain Management

Barcode Scanner with Information Point

Receiving Good Voucher

Improved cash register operations with Cizaro supermarket point of sale

Cashing products was made faster and simpler thanks to the intuitive User Interface by Cizaro.

Your employees will appreciate full independence of managing transactions, while our retail pos system is speeding them up.

Touch screen with optional keyboard

Hold/Resume Transactions

Browse Previous Bills

Request Products

Stronger Client Base with Cizaro mini market POS system

Reach out to your customers with special offers sent to their phones or emails directly via the system.

Manage a personal relationship that will pay off in loyalty.

Credits and Credit Notes

Customized Payment Methods

FIFO & LIFO by Cizaro POS Solutions


Manage which products go first in and are first to go out within your inventory and which items leave first, even though they arrived last.



Even if you don’t implement this feature in your warehouse, it might be crucial for your financials. While calculating the profit, make sure that products with old price leave the system first.

True POS Special features

Production Wizard

that enables combining selected products into a new one. e.g. meal, fresh juice, etc.

Tax Structures

for individual taxing schemes in different countries.