POS for Electronics Stores

Maximum flexibility with Cizaro retail POS and ERP platform for electronics stores



In this Point of Sale software, you are the boss. Cizaro opposes the “what you see is what you get” approach. You decide what elements of our system your company needs and how you want to customize them. Feel free to play around with our electronic store POS in a simple and productive way.


Solve the issues you currently face in your shop via the precise analysis of your business performance and make accurate projections for the future. We make sure that every product, employee and every penny is accounted for to keep things neat and transparent.


Supplying has never been easier as you can order, confirm reception, monitor storage and then keep trace of your goods until they are sold – all within one POS system.

For your convenience, stock levels are displayed under each product. You will even get alerted when one of them is running out.

Supply Chain Management

Warehouse Management System

Expansive Inventory Matrix

Purchase Order

Comprehensive Tracking serial Number with Cizaro POS System for electronic store

Full tracking of products is simple due to the serial number recognition while selling, making orders, servicing and checking the warehouse.

The item history gives you information on the hour, date and employee for each product movement to avoid misunderstandings.

Electronics Store Sales

Purchase Orders

Inventory Control

Anti-fraud Verification

High Quality Servicing With Cizaro Retail POS Software

Managing the relationship with your customers requires proper coordination. Ensure that repair points register all operations and efficiently deliver goods back to the clients.

Cizaro’s pos software for electronics store can smoothly identify damaged products via the receipt number and cashier can offer repair or warranty when possible appropriate.

Receipt Retrieval

Delivery Applications

Customer Service and Warranty Service

Barcode Scanner with Information Point


Cizaro lets you supervise the customer installment plans, supports various transaction methods and issues electronic invoices that can be sent even into the clients’ phones.
Our software helps you create a fully integrated e-store to maximize your market presence.

Loyalty Programs

Diversified Payments




Serial number

is unique for each product to deliver absolute precision.

Supplier catalog

that lets you find the provider you need fast and easy.

Information points

that display information about he scanned electronic devices and other products.

POS system that specially designed for: